Jungle Full Moon and Wild Elephants:

My partner Ralf is a Thai massage facilitator and has an annual Thai massage, yoga and meditation retreat in the Khao Sok rainforest of Thailand. Every year before he gets to the “The Lake,” he has a deep wish that he will encounter wild elephants. I had a feeling this was going to be the lucky year•

In the early morning, when the full moon was still high and bright, we hopped on the Kayak in the dark and paddled out before the jungle would wake up to the melody of horn bills, gibbons and the morning mist. The moon light was our guide into the right direction as we approached the alarming sounds of gun shots and trumpets. As if there was a construction crew demolishing the wilderness, we knew it was the elephants, we knew! •

The fresh sun began to rise. Patiently, we were still in the middle of the lake with our hearts pumping. In anticipation, we cheerfully prayed to Ganesha. When we dropped our expectations of seeing the elephants, that’s when they revealed themselves by eating bamboo. Although Ralf was hoping they would come out to drink water by the bank, we were in complete awe, feasting our eyes on these mystical sentient beings•

This is a full moon story I am happy to share and hold dear to my heart. Do you have a mystical full moon story you would like to share? Please do so in the comments. Happy full moon dear one 🌕

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02/26/2019 06:27PM by @dominiquewarfield

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